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Element Mobile FAQs

Agreement Related Questions

Q: I am a current customer and am under agreement. Do I need to sign another 2-year agreement when I change to a new Element Mobile Rate Plan?
A: No, you are able to finish out your 2-year commitment and will not be required to sign another agreement. While most of the new Element Mobile plans are less expensive than legacy plans, you are able to keep your existing account exactly the way it is.

Q: I am a current customer who has already fulfilled my 2-year agreement, and now I am month-to-month. Do I need to sign another 2-year agreement when I change to a new Element Mobile Rate Plan?
A: No, you have honored your agreement. You would, however, be eligible to upgrade to a new device. Upgrading to a new device at the discounted rate would cause you to re-enter a service agreement. We encourage you to visit a store for more information.

Q: I am a current customer on a family plan and I would like to add another line. Do I need to sign a 2-year agreement for this new line?
A: The new line will need to sign an initial service agreement, but Element offers options for no agreement, 1-year, or 2-year agreements. The initial commitment is for the added line only. The service agreement lengths on the other lines on the account will remain the same.

Q: If I am a new customer and would like to sign up for an Element Mobile plan, do I have to sign a 2-year agreement?
A: No. While signing a 2-year service agreement makes you eligible for discounted device pricing, we offer a variety of options to set up your service. Your options include: a no-agreement monthly plan, a 1-year agreement, a 2-year agreement, and a number of flexible prepaid options. We encourage you to browse through the different options here , or visit a local store and work with a Wireless Specialist to find the perfect set up for you and your family.

Element Mobile Rate Plans

Q: Are all Element Mobile Plans Nationwide Plans?
A: Yes, all Element Mobile Plans are Nationwide. This includes nationwide calling and coverage for voice and 3G data services, as well as mobile-to-mobile (M2M) and eClub calling.

Q: Why do all of the Shared Plans bundle the first two lines of service?
A: The Element Mobile Rate Plans are designed with simplicity in mind. We offer bundled pricing to make the rates easy to understand, while still providing more value than ever before! While the first two lines are always bundled, there is a great deal of flexibility associated with these plans. We encourage you to visit a local store to meet one-on-one with a Wireless Specialist to ensure we find the plan that fits you best.

Q: What if I don’t need messaging or data on all of my phone lines?
A: All rate plans and promotions are designed with you in mind. The new Rate Plans are easier to understand, more affordable, and pack more value for your dollar than ever before. With that being said, we understand you may want certain messaging or data capabilities on some devices, while not on others. For this reason we offer separate messaging and data packages that can be added to any of our available rate plans. Additionally, only the first two lines are bundled into the initial rate plan. Lines three, four, and five are all at reduced add-a-line prices. These prices are tiered and allow for a more flexible and customizable set-up. We encourage you to visit a local store to meet one-on-one with a Wireless Specialist to ensure we find the plan that fits you best.

Q: Do Smartphones require a Talk, Text & Web Plan?
A: Yes.

Q: What if I want to stay on my current legacy plan that isn’t being offered anymore?
A: You are welcome to keep your legacy rate plan for as long as you would like. You will still become eligible for a new device and can even re-sign an agreement without having to change plans. However, most changes in regards to minutes, features, or data packages will require you to update your plan. Please visit a store for more information.

Element Mobile PRL

Q: What is a PRL? What does it mean for me and my phone reception?
A: PRL, an acronym for “Preferred Roaming List,” is a database inside a wireless device such as a mobile phone that contains information used to determine how your device will choose the best roaming option, wherever you might be.

Element Mobile wants you to have only the very best reception, especially superior roaming capabilities when you’re out and about. That’s why we’re always optimizing our roaming technology. But, you’ll need to update your PRL every few weeks, so you can be sure you have access to our enhancements. We’ll show you how! If you update periodically, you should experience:

  • A longer lasting battery
  • Clearer connections in more areas in the USA
  • Connection to the digital network in more parts of the country
  • Fewer blocked/dropped calls

PRL Update Instructions:

  1. Power on your phone within the 8 Element Mobile Central Wisconsin counties of Wood, Portage, Waupaca, Adams, Juneau, Green Lake, Marquette or Waushara.
  2. Dial *228 and then press SEND.
  3. When prompted, press option 2 to update your phone's roaming capabilities (the update may take a few minutes).
  4. Once completed, the operator will inform you that the update was successful.
  5. If your device still does not seem to be functioning properly, whether it’s trouble with roaming capabilities or fast battery drain, contact Element Mobile Customer Support. We may be able to make changes to your device remotely that will solve the problem.

eClub Calling Program

Q: What is eClub?
A: eClub is a calling program designed to allow you to extend your calling plan to friends and family. Depending on your Element Mobile rate plan, you will have the ability to add either five or ten numbers to your eClub.

Q: Can I put numbers other than cell phone numbers into my eClub?
A: You certainly can! You can put in any number you want: cell phone numbers, landline numbers, businesses, etc. These numbers are, however, restricted to domestic numbers, meaning any 10 digit number located within the United States.

Q: What if I have an Unlimited Plan?
A: If you have an unlimited plan, then you already enjoy free calling to any number at any time. If you were to switch from an Element Mobile Unlimited Plan to a limited calling program, you would receive the benefits of eClub.

Q: Are eClub numbers always free?
A: Yes. eClub packages are included in your Element Mobile Rate Plan as a free feature, and calling the numbers will always remain free, provided both parties are physically in the United States during the phone call.

Q: I thought my plan already included Mobile-to-Mobile calling. Why do I have to add numbers of mobile phones that are with a different provider?
A: All Element Mobile Rate Plans include Mobile-to-Mobile calling to other Element Mobile customers, as well as Verizon Wireless customers. Any other cell phone number would need to be added to your eClub.

Q: Are the eClub numbers on the Element Mobile Rate Plans per line or per account?
A: All eClub packages are at the account level. This means if you have five lines on your account and your plan allows you to have 10 eClub numbers, these numbers are shared amongst all lines on the account.

Q: How do I add or change my eClub numbers? How often can I change them?
A: eClub numbers can be changed in-store, over the phone, or online in your MyElement web portal. These numbers can be changed daily if you wish, but do not go into effect until midnight the night that you change them. Be sure to check your bill to see the breakdown in minute usage. If you are finding your Anytime minute usage to be high and your eClub number usage to be low, we recommend taking a second look at the numbers in your eClub. Sometimes changing a few of these numbers will drastically decrease your Anytime minute usage, allowing you to move to an even cheaper rate plan!

Handset Protection

Q: Does my device have a warranty?
A: Every device that is purchased from an Element Mobile store or an Authorized Agent of Element Mobile comes with an industry standard one year limited manufacture warranty. This will cover your device for manufacture defects, provided there is not any physical or liquid damage beyond normal wear and tear.

Q: How do I protect my device above and beyond the manufacture warranty?
A: Element Mobile provides additional handset protection through our Protection Plus program. In the event that your handset is physically damaged, stolen, lost, or simply outside of the one year warranty, you can get it replaced for just a fraction of the normal retail cost. See additional details here.

Q: How much does the handset protection cost?
A: This varies depending on the retail price of the phone. Both options have a monthly fee for the protection, and have a deductible that would need to be paid at the time of completing the claim. When making a purchase decision for your new device, be sure to ask your Element Mobile Wireless Consultant for detailed information.